Eamon & Quinn & Addie in 2015

1.15 -- In which we welcome in some intrepid Clevelanders and enjoy the calm before the storm.

2.15 -- We had over 100 inched os snow in the span of a few weeks. Here's what we were doing.

3.15 -- Celebrating 10 years of Eamon!

4.15 -- He will always live on in their hearts!

5.15 -- Where we finally see the promise of spring and open the beach season at last.

6.15 -- Fun with our friends as we say goodbye to another school year and welcome in summer.

7.15 -- Now, that's a hole.

8.15 -- In which we take extra special solace on our annual summer pilgrimage to break bread with our friends.

9.15 -- Wherein Addie starts kindergarten and we get back into the swing of things.