Eamon & Quinn & Addie in 2012

1.12 -- Addie's trip with JoJo and Grandpa to see Sesame in Lowell.

2.12 -- A couple of shots from Dad's new office.

3.12 -- Eamon's 7th birthday, in which the children pursue, and ultimately defeat, Dr. Lord McCrankenpants III!

4.12 -- Some gorgeous shots from our California dreamin' once more.

5.12 -- Springtime comes to Medford.

6.12 -- In which we go along on a magical adventure (including sharks!) to Lolos with JoJo, say goodbye to TCC, and make Eamon's first pilgrimage to Fenway.

7.12 -- Wherein we celebrate all things Quinn x5 and then have a really fantastic group vacation in Stockbridge.

8.12 -- In which we check in with Costellos and friends near and far, and Neal checks in with the future.

9.12 -- The glorious fading days of summer 2012, and the glorious in a different way commencement of school 2013.

10.12 -- Happy fall means happy birthday, Grandpa!

11.12 -- In which we check into the Capital District and find plenty for which to be thankful.

12.12 -- More Christmas pictures than you can shake a stick at.