Eamon & Quinn & Addie in 2011

1.11 -- Wherein the kids learn to enjoy their New England winter.

2.11 -- Another great trip to Los Angeles to see our peeps, then back to the snow.

3.11 -- Eamon's 6th birthday party was at the pool!

4.11 -- In which we have more great times with Georgia Day and celebrate the Easter Bunny.

5.11 -- Surprising Uncle Pete, kindergarten patriotism and then fun times at the beach with some of our favorite peoples.

6.11 -- Eamon wraps up kindergarten with a bang.

7.11 -- Barely controlled chaos with wonderful friends for Quinn's 4th birthday and vacation in Mattapoisset, then Eamon is off to Albany, where he has so much fun it was hard to convince him to come home.

8.11 -- Just a trio of good looking kiddos.

9.11 -- Some great shots from the Seabrook beach, the soccer fields of Medford, and the first day of school.

10.11 -- Who is that jacked superhero of the pumpkin patch? Must be a new WWF character?

11.11 -- Addie turns three!

12.11 -- Christmas 2011!