The Costellos in Panama 2009

The following is a pictorial journey through the city streets and countryside of Panama. Our goal was to spend some time with our beloved Mary & Dusty in their adopted home. That aim was accomplished. The road to that goal was at times harrowing, at times breathtaking, and always entertaining. Mary & Dusty hosted us with unceasing generosity and a graciousness that knew no bounds. We saw Panamanians at both their best (e.g., stopping mountainside farming midday to guide two haggard gringo hikers to safety) and their worst (e.g., the traffic circles of Panama City fail to engender warmth). We loved every second and hope to get back soon.

Click here for Day One in Panama City. Now with traffic accidents!

Click here for Day Two at the market in El Valle and ziplining through the jungle

Click here for Day Three - just a couple of pictures of our ill-conceived hike

Click here for Day Four and a trip to visit the Embera on the Chagres River

Click here for Day Beach - just a couple of pictures of a nearby playa

Click here for Day Six at the Panama Canal

Click here for a few shots of Mary & Dusty's beautiful home in the mountains outside Sora

Click here for some "Scenes of Panama"

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