Eamon & Quinn & Addie


2.09 -- Costellos in Panama

10.08 - 2.09 -- Miscellany, including, Dr. Cornealius at the Sunday gun show

3.09 - 5.09 -- In which Eamon turns four, and various children hit an inanimate donkey with a big stick in celebration.

5.09 - 8.09 -- T'was a rainy summer in Boston, but we made the best of it. Puddle hopping, Jamaica blissing and urban sunbathing. Warning - there's also a close up of Efrem's noggin here.

9.09 - 10.09 -- Halloween Comes to Meffa Once More - Boys respond as knight and racer, respectively. (Q wouldn't go for the Dragon costume)

11.09 -- In which the boys welcome Adeline Katherine Costello to the world - and the word "GENTLE!" is introduced to the family vernacular.

12.09 -- Winter fun in New England, Christmas arrives, and so does Devin

Thanks to everyone for their words of support and love -- Addie is fitting right in!