Eamon Edward Costello

The Toddler Year

1.06 Wherein Eamon heartily consumes his first box of mac&cheese.

2.06 In which Eamon shows himself around London, England in his first overseas travel to visit his beloved Sandorhead.

3.06 Happy Birthday to Eamon!

4.06 In which Eamon visits some fans in the NYC shows off some moves in the BT and gets some Morristime in Boston

Memorial Day 2006 -- Mommy and Daddy go watch Efrem in a barong and Eamon has a Costexcellent weekend with Nana & Popsie & 4 cousins

5.06-6.06 Wherein Eamon rides the trolley cars and luggage carts of San Francisco and takes in the Pacific for the first time whilst M&D watch Nano take his vows

7.06 Eamon's new house in Medford, Mass!

8.06 Eamon moves to Boston, and gets some leisure time with the Costellos in Lake George, etc. [photo credit to Nana]

9.06 Eamon attends the nuptials of Aunt Jonnie and Uncle Vince, and gets a trip to Disneyland to boot!

10.06 Wherein Eamon receives every cousin he's got in his new Boston home, shows Nana & Popsie around downtown then leads his groupies on trick-or-treat

11.06 - 12.06 A holiday tour de force that includes a frightening Santa, chaotic cousintime and a happy Meffa Christmas