Eamon Edward Costello

In The Beginning:

3.23.05 The First Days of EEC

4.05 Wherein Eamon travels to NYC and takes his first bath

4.05 Wherein Nana & Popsie visit, Grammy & Grampy hit the Ritz, Beth & Gary stop by, and Eamon visits Washington

5.05 Wherein Eamon meets the family, visiting Albany and Lowell for the first time, and getting a visit from Aunt Jonalyn

5.05 Wherein Eamon meets the Atlantic Ocean, his Mame & Papa and sleeps through meeting all the other babies in Lowell

6.05 Wherein Eamon smiles through a bath and shows his love for Orthodox Jewish rappers from Crown Heights

6.05 - 7.05 Wherein Eamon attends his first Red Sox Game and celebrates 7/4 at the beach among other adventures

7.05 Wherein Eamon surprises his paternal relations in NY, and entertains his Nana, Popsie, Uncle Pete, Aunt Mojo and cousin Ronan Costello at the Philly zoo

7.05 Wherein Eamon provides empirical proof that dad should remain cleanshaven

7.05 Wherein Eamon makes his triumphant return to Seabrook to hang with the Mulligan sisters, engage in silliness with Mom and smile up a storm

8.05 Wherein Eamon shows his cousins Kara and Ja-Ja around the aquarium, naps on the Md. shore with John and Megin and meets the last of the Jewhicans.

9.05ish In which Grammy, Grampy, Jonny & Vince and Alex visit, and our hero heads to Albany to vacay and welcome Conor Costello to the world.

9-10.05 Wherein Eamon has good times with the Morris clan; wine tasting in Philly, pumpkintime in Lowell

10.05 In which Eamon visits his pals in DC, watches his ancestors have an adventure and dragons it up for halloween.

11.05 Wherein Eamon hangs with Ronan and Conor, celebrates Thanksgiving with the Costellos, stops by his eponymic watering hole in the big apple and models some of JoJos handmade-wear.

12.05-1.06 A pictorial journey through Eamon's first Christmas.